Herd immunity does not guarantee victory over coronavirus

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Anthony Fauci, Biden’s medical adviser, even after the mass vaccination, the coronavirus will not disappear anywhere, but its spread will certainly decrease. Collective immunity is not a guarantee of victory.

There are no specific figures on what proportion of the population needs to be vaccinated in order for the strain to go away forever. No vaccination gives 100% protection, so the virus will not disappear anywhere.

Anthony Fauci thinks the situation will be like the flu. Vaccines managed to stop the spread of the disease by 40-60%, while every season you have to fight the flu anew because of its rapid spread.

The return to normal life will take place gradually: it will not be like turning on and off the light, the main restrictions will be gradually removed.

Thus, there may not be a complete victory over the strain at all. The virus will become a seasonal disease that can be controlled with vaccines.


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