German authorities are preparing to shut down the last three nuclear power plants

(ORDO NEWS) — The German authorities are preparing to turn off the last three nuclear reactors in the country, thus putting an end to the era of “peaceful atom”.

This decision was caused by the tragedy at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan, after which the German government realized the need to switch to alternative energy sources.

There is growing concern among the country’s population about the energy crisis, especially after gas supplies from Russia were cut off.

However, Economy Minister Robert Habek said that the energy situation in the country is under control, and a terrible energy crisis has not occurred.

To cover the need for electricity, Germany temporarily increased the use of coal, which caused protests from the environmental opposition.

Germany is currently facing the challenge of switching to alternative energy sources such as solar and wind power, hydroelectric power and other forms of renewable energy.

In this regard, the government is already taking steps to encourage investment in renewable energy and reduce dependence on oil and gas.

Switching to alternative energy is a complex and long-term process, but Germany hopes it will help maintain environmental stability and make the country more resilient to future energy challenges.


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