Found a black hole that eats the Earth in a second

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have discovered the brightest and fastest growing black hole to exist in the last 9 billion years.

Black holes surprise and amaze the imagination. But this object is simply colossally huge and scary – every second it absorbs a mass of matter comparable to the Earth

The new supermassive black hole, known as J1144, is about 500 times the size of Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way that was recently photographed for the first time.

The ring of superhot plasma around the huge object also emits about 7,000 times more light than our entire galaxy.

The most gluttonous hole

Australian astronomers have discovered the space colossus using data from the Australian National University’s SkyMapper survey of the southern sky.

His goal was to map the entire sky in the Southern Hemisphere. Finding a supermassive black hole was like finding “a very large, unexpected needle in a haystack,” the researchers say in their paper .

The insatiable appetite of a black hole, which every second absorbs an amount of matter equivalent in mass to our planet, is incomparable to any other similar object.

Typically, the growth rate of these huge space objects slows down as they become more massive, according to the study.

This is likely due to an increase in Hawking radiation, the thermal radiation that black holes are supposed to generate due to the effects of quantum mechanics.

The discovered black hole absorbs so much matter that its event horizon – the boundary beyond which nothing, including light, can escape – is unusually wide.

According to the authors of the discovery, all the planets of the solar system would fit inside its event horizon.

It is difficult to imagine, but only one thing is clear – it is very good that this object is at a distance of billions of light years from us.


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