Flying dragon: invisible, not climbing down a tree

(ORDO NEWS) — For the flying dragon ( Draco ) – a lizard from the agam family – the main task in life is to find a partner and food. However, to do this, moving on the ground in the jungle of Southeast Asia, a small lizard is unsafe. Therefore, in the process of evolution, flying dragons adapted to life in the crowns of trees and to “flights” between them.

So, for this purpose, they have several movable elongated ribs that can open and fold. And between these ribs there are skin folds, which, when the ribs are open, stretch between them, forming wings. Such a device helps the reptile to control its “flight” and overcome distances of up to 9 meters.

All flying dragons are very small (do not exceed 21 cm in length) and have a fairly flat body, which also helps them in the “flight”. In addition to the ribs, on the underside of the neck, dragons have another fold of skin that can be used to determine the gender of the lizard. In males it is bright orange or yellow, and in females it is blue or blue.

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Males never descend to the ground and often use their ability to “fly” to drive an opponent from their territory. But the females at least once in a lifetime, but have to get off the tree. When the time comes to lay eggs, the female flying dragon digs a small depression in the ground with its muzzle, where it places its eggs, and then bury them. During the day, she remains next to the eggs and protects them, and then again climbs onto a tree, leaving offspring to their fate.

In the video you can see how the flying dragon escapes from the “flying” snake:


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