First flight of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars – On-line translation

The first ever flight to another planet is today.

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA’s Ingenuity helicopter is expected to take off into the Martian skies at 11:30 am Moscow time today, and its adventure, arriving here on Earth in a few hours, will be broadcast live for all of us.

The live broadcast of the test flight will begin at 13:15 Moscow time (10:15 UTC). Only then will the NASA team know if the takeoff was successful.

The ship weighs only 1.8 kilograms and does not have any scientific instruments, since its main purpose is to demonstrate the flight of a rotorcraft. 

Since the atmosphere on Mars is only 1 percent of the density of Earth’s atmosphere, Ingenuity has disproportionately large rotor blades for a tiny body and will have to spin them at a dizzying 2,500 rpm.

Live broadcast of a helicopter flight on Mars:


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