Failure of the James Webb telescope scared NASA employees

(ORDO NEWS) — The other day, interesting details were revealed related to the preparation of the space telescope for work, when the apparatus was already at a distance of almost 2 million kilometers from the Earth.

NASA mission director Carl Starr told the Science Channel that while deploying the sunshield, the James Webb telescope suddenly stopped transmitting progress data to mission control.

The engineers gave the command to restart the deployment system, but this also did not work – the sensors that provided information about the position of the protective screen and the operation of the servos did not respond.

Mission operators never received a response from the telescope, but engineers and scientists breathed a sigh of relief when the temperature data from the telescope’s sensors arrived. It was they who showed that the sun screen was finally deployed.

If the sunshield had not unfolded, the instruments would not have cooled to operating temperatures, and the expensive space telescope would simply have turned into space debris.


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