Evidence of ancient life found in the bowels of the Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — A group of scientists from Switzerland in the course of their scientific work came to the conclusion that the surface processes of the Earth have a high impact on the deep interior of the planet.

Scientists said that they had studied rare diamond-bearing volcanic rocks, on the basis of which they tried to find out the influence of terrestrial processes on the structure of the planet.

The head of the study explained that in the course of the work, scientists studied the isotopic composition of carbon in kimberlite rocks.

It turned out that the compositions of young and old breeds are significantly different from each other. In particular, scientists noted the high content of carbon isotopes in young kimberlites.

Scientists have concluded that the reason for the different composition is the Cambrian explosion, which occurred more than 500 million years ago. Scientists noted that after the described event, well-known tribes of animals began to emerge on Earth.

According to scientists, the scientific work shows how activities on Earth affect the deep interior of the planet itself. The author of the work said that in the future work is planned to study plate tectonics, namely, the dependence on anthropogenic activity and ancient natural disasters.


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