Elevator ride to another reality : The mysterious story of a woman from Chicago

(ORDO NEWS) — What does “glitch in the Matrix” mean? A phrase that first appeared in the 1999 film The Matrix, which promoted the idea that humanity lives in a giant computer simulation, over the years “glitch in the matrix” has become shorthand for an example of an unusual phenomenon that defies logical explanation.

The author of the story is a young woman named Sidney Daniel, who has matured since then, but that story still haunts her today.

A mysterious incident happened to her in 2001, when she was 8 years old. Then she, along with her mother, brother, aunt and grandmother, went to Chicago to see the skeleton of a dinosaur named Sue.

“It happened when I was about 8 years old in 2001. My mom, brother, aunt and grandma went to Chicago to see Sue the dinosaur. We stayed at a hotel nearby for about 5 days. It was very upscale, new and overall very beautiful.

During these 5 days, my mother allowed me to run forward to the elevator when I returned to our room after bathing, getting ice cream, etc., and let me go up alone, since our room was to the left of the elevator when you exited it, and Grandma always kept the door wide open.

So, one day, returning from the pool, literally just leaving (wet hair, suit, towel), I did the same, ran ahead and entered the elevator. I pressed the button for the 7th floor.

This hotel has only one elevator. Going up to the 7th floor, which I knew from the signs at the elevator, I went to the second door on the left, as I did probably 20 times before that week. I knocked and knocked. Nothing.

Elevator ride to another reality The mysterious story of a woman from Chicago 1

I remember that at that moment a strange “anxiety” seized me. The best way I can describe it. Though I was smart enough to know that I could always just go back to the lobby or that my mom would be here soon. So, wondering why my grandmother didn’t open the door, I walked back a few meters to the elevator.

And waited for my mother and brother. On the scoreboard, I saw that the elevator was arriving at the 7th floor, the floor on which I was. IT WAS CLEARLY WRITTEN ON THE BOARD. I see the light and hear the elevator chime. Doors open, empty.

At this point, I just feel like something is VERY wrong and I go back to the door, knocking and crying, I’m cold because I’m still very wet from the pool. Finally, after no more than 1 minute, a very old woman opens the door and says, “Honey, I already told you yesterday, this is not your room.”

I have NEVER been there yesterday. She then said, “Everything will be fine. I’m sorry, but I’m on the phone with my son. Wait a few more minutes, your mother will be here.”

And damn it, closed the door! I was shocked hahah, I knew I was cute. And how could anyone close the door on a crying child who lost her mother, especially a woman who looked like a caring grandmother!!!

Almost immediately after she closed the door, the elevator opened and my mom ran out crying and grabbed me. She said: “Oh, honey, where have you been!!!?????? I’ve never been so worried.” Then she went to open the door.

Not our room. She was stunned. All this time I tried to explain that I was here. And my chronology of events lasted only about 5 minutes.

Elevator ride to another reality The mysterious story of a woman from Chicago 2

She was still hugging and holding me, she kind of went into auto-pilot mode and got back into the elevator with me. She pressed 7 again. The doors closed briefly and then opened again.

The elevator didn’t move at all. When the doors opened, we both saw my grandmother standing in the second door on the left, crying. And then she was very happy and ran to hug us.

Turns out I was gone for 45 minutes. They called the police, went around all the floors, knocked on all the doors, even opened the locked empty rooms.

Apparently, my mother decided to go to the pool again and see if I went back there. Then, seeing that it was empty, she again took the same, the only elevator to the 7th floor. Only this time, out of many others that day, she found me.

And besides, we obviously did not hide in the elevator. Because he was the only one. And the police and staff went up and down the elevator many times looking for me.

We still talk about it and can’t explain it. My hair was still wet. The police were furious until the hotel staff looked at the camera, which showed me entering the elevator, but never getting out of it.

Elevator ride to another reality The mysterious story of a woman from Chicago 3

Then, the creepiest thing was, when my mom left the lobby, you could see her sit down, then TEN minutes pass, and then she comes out on the 7th floor with me in her arms. They looked at all the cameras on ALL floors, which had very clear views of the elevator on each floor. NOTHING.

I swear the staff was scared, as were the police. They were almost sure that someone had kidnapped me, and then they got scared and soon abandoned me. They were at a loss as to why my hair was still wet. But they couldn’t refute the data from the cameras, because they were high resolution, worked properly and all that.

I always wanted to call back and see if they talk about it years later. I just don’t want to deal with it. Because I don’t see any purpose in this event, you understand? I have no idea who this woman was and I have never been able to identify her.

Because in order to investigate, even after they found me, they locked the hotel and all possible exits and set up a perimeter. In Chicago, by the way, they don’t joke about possible kidnappings.

Every guest at the hotel was more than happy to help. The women, aged 50 and over, all willingly let the police take pictures. None of them were the same woman. That woman had VERY blue eyes.

The only possible connection I can think of is that the woman and I had the same blue eyes. I have a rare hair color. I dont know…”


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