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Doctors drew attention to the high childhood injuries associated with the fashion for electric scooters

Doctors drew attention to the high childhood injuries associated with the fashion for electric scooters

(ORDO NEWS) — Statistics show that rides on electric scooters correlate with extremely high injuries, including in children, and more than 10 percent of visits to clinics are associated with head injuries.

Over the past decade, electric scooters and electric scooters have become a popular means of getting around the city, not only among adults, but also among children.

However, such transport is associated with a very high risk of injury.

A couple of years ago, American scientists showed that for a hundred thousand trips there are 20-25 calls for urgent medical care – many times more than for cars, bicycles and even motorcycles.

Physicians who worked under the direction of Harrison Hayward of the National Children’s Clinic in Washington came to similar conclusions.

Their report is presented at the conference-exhibition of the American Academy of Pediatrics AAP Experience, taking place these days in California.

The authors are already preparing an article for publication, where these statistics will be analyzed in detail.

Scientists analyzed data on childhood injuries for the 2010s, collected from the emergency departments of more than a hundred US hospitals.

Statistics showed that the number of hospitalizations related to electric scooters rose from less than one in 20 visits in 2011 to eight in 2020.

The average age of these patients is 11.1 years, almost two-thirds of them are boys.

The most frequent were fractures of the upper limbs (27 percent of cases), abrasions (22 percent), tendon and ligament ruptures (17 percent).

More than 10 percent of calls are for head injuries, including concussions, skull fractures and internal bleeding.

“Parents whose children ride electric scooters need to understand what is required for safety. Helmets are absolutely essential, as more than 10 percent of injuries involve the head.

Studies show that helmets save lives for cyclists, and we believe that this applies to electric scooters as well,” concluded Harrison Hayward.


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