Climate change cannot be prevented without carbon dioxide traps

(ORDO NEWS) — The image below was taken during Juno’s 38th rendezvous with the gas giant.⁠⁠ At the time of the image, the station was only 6,140 kilometers from the planet.

Climatologists and thermal power engineers have found that global warming can only be slowed down with the help of technology for fixing CO2 from the Earth‘s atmosphere. This was announced on Wednesday by the press service of NUST MISIS.

In December 2015, countries pledged to voluntarily cut carbon emissions over the coming decades and adopted the Paris Agreement to Combat Global Warming. This should keep the increase in the average annual temperature at around 1.5-2 degrees Celsius.

Many climatologists suggest that to achieve this goal, it is necessary to reduce emissions to zero and remove them from the atmosphere.

“In order to prevent an increase in the average annual temperature on the planet by two or more degrees compared to the pre-industrial period, it is not enough just to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels.

Without the development of technologies for removing carbon dioxide from the air, global climate change cannot be stopped, Russian scientists are sure,” the report says. .

Russian researchers have compared two methods of combating climate change: a sharp reduction in emissions by abandoning fossil energy sources and the development of technologies for fixing carbon dioxide.

They evaluated approaches taking into account the geographical location and climate of developed and developing countries.

The analysis showed that carbon dioxide emissions will peak in 10-15 years. By this time they will grow by about 15%. However, due to the geographical and climatic features of most countries, emissions will not fall below six billion tons of carbon per year even by the end of the century.

Scientists believe that efforts should be made to develop and implement CO2 fixation technologies. So far, there are only 26 such installations. They absorb less than 0.1% of total emissions. This is not enough to contain climate change.


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