“Christmas” asteroid flies to Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — Astronomers have warned of the approach of a large asteroid to our planet. Its diameter is estimated at 140 meters.

The asteroid appeared in the field of view of observers on the eve of the winter holidays, so it was unofficially called “Christmas”.

It does not pose a danger to the Earth. Calculations showed that the space “guest” will fly by at a distance of 680,000 km.

Experts noted that until December 19, the asteroid can be observed through telescopes. The best view will open from the Southern Hemisphere.

The asteroid received the scientific designation 2015 RN35. It is of great interest to scientists, since almost nothing is known about it.

It has not yet been established what it consists of and whether it rotates around its axis, like other space objects.

An exact orbit has also not been calculated, although, according to forecasts, it should not collide with the Earth in the next hundred years.

Astronomers keep records of the largest asteroids known as “planet killers”. But medium-sized objects, such as “Christmas”, remain out of their field of vision.

Experts believe that hundreds of thousands of as yet undiscovered asteroids may revolve around the Earth.

Although they do not have a gigantic diameter, they are capable of causing enormous damage when they fall to the surface of the planet.

Experts from the European Space Agency said they monitor asteroids every day to identify potentially dangerous objects and better understand the behavior of small bodies in the solar system.


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