China will start conquering the south pole of the moon in 2026

(ORDO NEWS) — China is currently working on a new lunar rover that will start exploring the south pole of the moon around 2026. The rover will be included in the Chang’e-7 expedition.

In addition to the new lunar rover, Chang’e-7’s mission includes building an orbiter, a lander and a small robot that can reach shaded areas in craters to look for water ice deposits.

The new rover will be based on the 140-kilogram Yutu and Yutu 2, which landed on the moon in 2013 and 2019, respectively.

The device will receive a panoramic camera and georadar, like Yutu-2, but will also have a magnetometer, a Raman spectrometer and an analyzer of energetic neutral atoms.

The new generation rover will become more autonomous, it will be able to independently plan a route.


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