China teaches AI to design warship systems

(ORDO NEWS) — According to Chinese media reports, the designers do not keep up with the work of the shipyards.

Even small changes in projects require extensive alteration of design documentation, which the existing staff of workers does not have time to cope with.

This forced the development of an AI constructor of warship subsystems that could solve the problem much faster than humans. Tests have shown that AI can do work in a day that would take a human 300 days.

More importantly, AI projects with 100 percent accuracy, while humans tend to make mistakes. Testing showed that the solution is ready for engineering implementation in production.

Created by a team from the China Ship Design and Research Center, the AI ​​is doing a highly specialized job – designing the electrical subsystem of warships.

The data is taken from the database of projects of the last ten years and adapted for new design solutions.

In fact, artificial intelligence does not invent anything fundamentally new, which makes it possible to run it on relatively weak computers and not engage in lengthy training.

In this, for example, it compares favorably with the same design AI of Google, which learned how to design chips.

By 2025, China will have 400 warships, a significant number of which have yet to be designed and built.

By and large, the design artificial intelligence created by the Chinese works under the tight guidance of a person.

But if it significantly reduces the amount of computing resources required for work and eliminates errors, then why not use it?


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