China began flight tests of the second two-seat fighter of the fifth generation based on the J-20

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(ORDO NEWS) — The Chinese have begun flight tests of the second two-seat fighter, built on the basis of the J-20. The tests of the first such machine became known in the autumn.

The Dambiev telegram channel announced the start of flight tests of the second two-seater aircraft based on the J-20, citing Chinese military blogs on the Weibo social network . The car received tail number 2032.

The fighter was developed by the Chinese aircraft manufacturing association Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group (CAIG). The beginning of the tests of the first of these machines became known in the fall.

The aircraft was a development of the fifth-generation J-20 single-seat fighter. He first took to the air in 2011. This is the first new generation fighter aircraft developed in China.

The J-20 began to operate in 2017, and today about 150 such aircraft have been produced. In the West, it is believed that the vehicle has good stealth performance and can carry a wide range of weapons inside. The J-20 is sometimes referred to as a “strike fighter”.

The past year was remembered for another important event in the Chinese aircraft industry: Beijing began flight tests of a carrier-based “stealth” fighter based on the Shenyang FC-31.


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