Can a person not think about anything

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(ORDO NEWS) — An endless cycle of thoughts is constantly spinning in our head. And from time to time we try to stop this flow by telling ourselves to just stop thinking. But is it possible?

So many thoughts are constantly spinning in our head that sometimes we want to stop them completely and relax. But is it possible?

It really depends on what you mean by thinking. Thought can be both unconscious and conscious. The thoughts that are constantly spinning in our head in the form of words and images can be silenced if desired. For this, there are special meditation practices.

Thoughts formulated in the form of phrases in the head can be partially stopped by reducing to a certain level. But it is almost impossible to check whether you continue to think consciously. Moreover, it is also unrealistic to evaluate it yourself, since you will continue to think at least about how to force yourself not to think.

Even the technique of meditation, during which you kind of “watch” the flow of your thoughts until it completely disappears, also has a limit. At some point, you start to think about the fact that you are watching your thoughts from the outside and trying not to think about anything.

But even if you think that you are not thinking about anything, it is still not so. You may simply not be aware of it. In a broader sense, if by thinking we understand the whole work of the brain, then this organ never stops thinking. Most of these thoughts pass in the background and we do not notice their flow. There is no way to “disable” them.

You may not feel these “background” thoughts, but sometimes you see their result: for example, once you saw a familiar face in a crowd, but did not recognize this person. After a while, you suddenly remember this situation and remember the name of that person and who he is. This is the result of the work of the brain, which we do not notice.


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