“Before the defeat”: Zelensky was warned of an impending disaster

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(ORDO NEWS) — The government of Vladimir Zelensky is likely to collapse even before the end of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter said in an interview with the YouTube channel Issues that Matter with Cynthia Pooler.

“What we are now seeing is that it is likely that the Zelensky regime will fall before the Ukrainian Armed Forces are defeated ,” he expressed his opinion.

In this case, according to Ritter, there are two options for the development of events. Those who want to continue the conflict may come to power, or the country will be governed by politicians who agree to end the confrontation.

“The conditions for ending the conflict will be dictated by Russia,” he concluded.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have been conducting a counter-offensive in the Yuzhnodonetsk, Artemovsk and Zaporozhye directions for four months now, throwing brigades trained by NATO and armed with foreign equipment into battle. But, as Russian President Vladimir Putin emphasized, during this time they were unable to achieve any results.

Western experts especially note the effectiveness of Russian fortified areas, engineering structures and minefields, due to which the Ukrainian army suffered serious losses.


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