Astronomers study the pulsating eclipsing binary AI Hya

(ORDO NEWS) — An international team of astronomers has conducted a comprehensive spectroscopic and photometric study of the pulsating eclipsing binary star AI Hya.

AI Hya is located about 2000 light years away. This is an eclipsing binary system consisting of F2m and F0V stars.

Given that no high-resolution spectra have been obtained for AI Hya to date, a team of astronomers led by Filiz Kahraman Alikavus of the Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University in Turkey has performed a detailed photometric and spectral analysis of this system to reveal its true nature.

The data was collected using the NASA Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) and ground-based observatories.

The study showed that the brighter component of AI Hya is a massive (2.09 solar masses), cold and chemically normal star, about 3.86 times the size of the Sun.

The hotter component of the system is a low-metal object with a radius of about 2.76 solar radii and a mass of about 1.95 solar masses.

The orbital period of AI Hya was 8.34 days, while its orbital eccentricity is 0.24. The age of the system is approximately 850-860 million years.

The astronomers stressed that both AI Hya components are within the Delta Scuti instability band.

“The rapidly developing massive component will begin the process of mass transfer to the less massive component in about 20 million years.

This situation can cause significant changes in the properties of vibrations,” the authors of the article predict.


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