Astronomers have found signs of subglacial lakes on Mars

(ORDO NEWS) — Man has long been looking for signs of water or life on Mars. This time, the scientists got as close as possible to the solution.

Scientists from the University of Cambridge have found topographic evidence of subglacial lakes on the Red Planet.

European planetary scientists studied radar images from the Mars Express probe.

The rover emitted rays under the surface of the planet and found many cavities near the south polar cap.

Scientists believe that it cannot be anything other than subglacial lakes.

Until now, European and American scientists are arguing. The former believe that Mars Express has found water.

The second argue that these cavities contain ordinary clay or the radar images of the probe captured a “radar mirage”.

Mars Express found similar “lakes” in the summer of 2018. They were located at a depth of 1.5 km from the surface of the southern ice cap of the planet.

If planetary scientists from the University of Cambridge are right, and there is liquid water on Mars, we can safely assume that there is a place for the simplest life on the Red Planet.

Note that there are also subglacial lakes on Earth.

They affect the topography of the ice surface in their vicinity, as these reservoirs reduce the friction force between the base of the glacier and the rocks along which the ice mass moves.

As a result, the ice “sags” where there is an invisible subglacial reservoir, and then the glacier rises sharply.


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