Astronomers discover 12 new moons of Jupiter

(ORDO NEWS) — The Minor Planet Center, an organization from the United States, which systematizes data on all small objects in the solar system, including satellites, comets and dwarf planets, announced that astronomers have discovered twelve new satellites of Jupiter.

The most distant new object, called S/2003 J10, completes an orbit around the gas giant in 18 years.

Jupiter now has 92 moons! This is more than that of Saturn, which has so far been considered the champion – it has only 83 satellites confirmed.

Astronomers discover 12 new moons of Jupiter 2
The image shows the orbits of the satellites of Jupiter

All discovered new satellites of Jupiter are very small (most have a diameter of no more than eight kilometers) and revolve around the planet at a great distance (for example, nine of these 12 objects take more than 550 days to complete a complete revolution around the planet).


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