Archaeologists have named the real growth of the biblical giant Goliath

(ORDO NEWS) — Biblical scripture says that Goliath was “four cubits and a span” in height and was characterized by unprecedented power. Only David, the future king of Judah, could defeat him. For a long time, scientists have tried to find out whether there really was a man of such a large stature, and, it seems, managed to get to the bottom of the truth.

In ancient times, different counting methods were used to measure length, which complicates the task of determining the exact height. According to archaeologist Jeffrey Chadwick, the walls of the cities of Bethsaida and Geph were 2.38 meters high, which was “four cubits and a span.” This information allows us to introduce an ancient biblical hero.

True, not all scholars are sure that the description in the Bible can be taken seriously. Perhaps the phrase “four cubits with a span” was just a metaphor to praise Goliath, showing his physical advantage over David.

There is also other information about the hero. So, his armor could weigh 47 kilograms, and the spearhead – 7 kilograms. If this is correct information, then the height and weight of the man should have been consistent.

Scientists continue to search for clues that may reveal some facts about the biblical heroes. Unfortunately, the work does not always bear fruit.


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