Archaeologists discovered an antique restaurant in Turkey

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(ORDO NEWS) — In one of the ancient cities of Zeugma, which is located in Turkey, archaeologists have discovered two chambers in the rock. Experts suggest that once upon a time they were used as some kind of dining halls. Experts made such an interesting find after they excavated a 16-meter earthen embankment.

It is reported by the Daily News.

Scientists believe that the discovered premises are related to the neighboring House of the Muses and also once belonged to a very wealthy family.

Professor Kutalmish Gerkay added that visitors will be able to visit these cameras only after the work in them is completely finished. The premises will need to be additionally strengthened, because they are not in the best condition.

The cameras were most likely used as canteens. They are decorated with mosaics depicting a variety of ancient goddesses. Archaeologists noted that if we take into account the structure of the house itself and those buildings that adjoin it, then we can say that it belonged to a family with great wealth.

The experts found two courtyards where dinner parties were held. They contained reservoirs in which water was stored.

Excavations at the House of Muses began in 2007. During all this time, a huge amount of new information has been received regarding the identity, as well as personal preferences of the inhabitants of the city of Zeugma. This settlement was formed around 300 BC and it played an incredibly important role in the Seleucid Empire.


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