Archaeologists discovered a new way to mummify the dead in ancient Egypt

(ORDO NEWS) — A team of archaeological scientists, after research, came to the conclusion that the inhabitants of Ancient Egypt could have used clay shells to bury the dead.

Scientists came to such conclusions after studying the ancient Egyptian mummy, which was kept for a long time in the museum of the University of Sydney. According to preliminary data, the sarcophagus dates back to approximately 1000 AD. e.

In the sarcophagus was the mummy of a titled woman named Merua.

It was already partially studied in 1999, and then experts found out that there is a layer of clay around the mummy.

At that time, experts suggested that the clay shell is an analogue of the protective resin shell, in which royal mummies were sometimes placed during the period from the late New Kingdom (about 1294-945 BC).

Last year, archaeologists again took an interest in this sarcophagus and made 3D images of the inner layers. The result of CT diagnostics showed that the clay shell is tightly attached to the body of the deceased.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the deceased was walled up in clay immediately after the mummification ceremony. Thanks to the strong shell, the mummy was perfectly preserved and did not crumble. At the same time, it is quite possible that the mummy was originally without a sarcophagus, since the frozen clay performed its functions.


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