Anthropologist suggested that people developed singing and dancing to scare away predators

(ORDO NEWS) — Anthropologist Edward Hagen of the National University of Washington suggested that singing and dancing may have originated as early humans’ means of protecting themselves from predators.

As the scientist explained, at a certain period of development, human species switched to a terrestrial way of life in an open habitat. This put them under increased pressure from African predators.

The human species then began to shift to a carnivorous lifestyle, further increasing the pressure of predators.

Effective defense against them would require a high degree of cooperation from the smaller, slower hominids.

Some animals band together to scare off predators with highly synchronized visual and auditory cues that are sent out simultaneously by all members of the group.

The authors of the hypothesis suggested that synchronized visual and auditory signals could inform predators that they have been detected and will be met with a well-coordinated defensive response.

The advanced cognitive abilities that underlie this behavior could be the basis for the evolution of human music and dance.


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