Ancient porcelain workshop found in China

(ORDO NEWS) — In China, archaeologists during excavations in the Jinyuan district of the city of Taiyuan discovered several ancient kilns used for firing porcelain about one and a half thousand years ago.

According to, the find was made in the capital of Shanxi province in northern China. It was carried out by the mission of the provincial institute of archeology. The researchers found a whole workshop for the production of porcelain.

The well-preserved porcelain kiln, which, judging by preliminary data, was in continuous use for several centuries, attracted particular attention of scientists.

It dates back to the Sui Dynasty (581-618 AD) and early Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD). By the way, on the site of the current city of Taiyuan, the capital of Shanxi Province, at that time there was a city called Jinyang. It was one of the most important centers during the Tang Dynasty.

In total, three porcelain kilns, nine archaeological pits and several thousand different porcelain items were discovered.

Archaeologists say that among the finds there are both products from celadon (the so-called green ceramics) and exquisite products from white porcelain. Apparently, the ovens were part of an ancient production, established on an industrial scale. However, its location surprised the researchers.

“During that period, there were very few firing sites suitable for the production of fine white porcelain,” says excavation leader Han Binghua. the furnace was inside the palace, which is very intriguing.”


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