A Scotsman with oncology spoke in French

(ORDO NEWS) — A resident of the town of Glenrothes in Scotland faced oncology at the peak of his youth.

At the age of 24, Marcus Jones was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. Due to illness, he forgot his native language and spoke French.

The guy started complaining about severe headaches back in September 2021. Then the doctors diagnosed him with epilepsy.

The prescribed treatment did not help, and the medical examination had to be continued.

Doctors found a tumor in the back of his head. Later, the patient developed other symptoms. Problems with vision and memory appeared, soon fog in the head was added.

Marcus told about a terrible incident that happened to him. During another attack, the boy forgot his native language. He was very scared himself and scared his girlfriend.

The Scotsman looked at his beloved, wanted to ask her to call an ambulance… but she did not understand him.

The fact is that he began to speak French. At the same time, I had never studied the language anywhere before.

This is possible, because the tumor could damage certain centers in the brain or press them with its size.

The case in medicine is rare, but not the first. When the attack passed, the man spoke his native language again.

Now the boy is being prepared for surgery. The doctor says that he will not be able to remove the entire tumor, but 70% of it can definitely be removed.

Brain surgery is a complex intervention. You can damage an organ, and a person will remain disabled.

Marcus refused the operation until the last, but decided for the sake of his son. A 24-year-old man has a one-year-old child.

The Scotsman does not want him to become an orphan, being very small, and for the sake of his own son is ready to continue the fight against cancer.

The oncologist says there is a risk that Marcus will be permanently blind after the tumor is removed.

But at the same time, the headache attacks will disappear, he will not forget his native language and will be able to live for many more years.


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