A new particle was discovered at CERN: it has a “double open charm”

(ORDO NEWS) — The LHCb experiment at CERN provided specialists with the opportunity to discover a completely new tetraquark particle. It contains two charmed quarks at once and additionally both upper and lower antiquarks. This information was presented on the official CERN website.

The open particle was designated as Tcc +. She turned out to be the most tenacious of all particles that can be attributed to exotic materials. In addition, it simultaneously contains two very light antiquarks and two large quarks. Quarks are some of the building blocks that are used to create matter.

They are able to combine with each other and form larger particles, which today are known to science as protons, baryons and neutrons.

Recently, scientists have managed to find many exotic hadrons, which consist of four or more quarks at once. In this case, ordinary particles are created by only two or three quarks.

The latest discovery, according to experts, has become unique. The particle became the first tetraquark where only two charmed quarks are present independently. This phenomenon is called “open or double open charm” among physicists.

If the particle contains both a charmed quark and an antiquark, then it has a “hidden charm”. The quantum number of charm for a particular particle will end up with an amount of zero. In this case, the sum is two.

The discovery gives specialists hope in the future to discover and study heavier particles in detail. At the moment, experts plan to study the open tetraquark Tcc +.


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