A new method of hacking sites increases its effectiveness by 4 billion times

(ORDO NEWS) — Cybercriminals using DDoS to take down websites are using a never-before-seen technique that can increase the destructive effect by 4 billion times, the researchers warned.

These attacks send a small amount of unwanted data to a misconfigured third party service in such a way that the service redirects a much larger response to the intended target.

So-called DDoS boosts are popular because they reduce the requirements needed to hit a target. Instead of using huge bandwidth and processing power, the DDoS attacker finds servers on the Internet that do it for him.

New amplification methods include Network Time Protocol servers (approximately 556x), Plex media servers (approximately 5x), Microsoft RDP (86x), and Connectionless Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (at least 50x). Previously, the largest booster known was memcached, which is capable of increasing traffic by an astonishing 51,000 times.

“ The new attack vector differs from most UDP attack/amplification techniques in that a single fake attack initiation packet can launch a sustained DDoS attack lasting up to 14 hours, resulting in a record packet amplification ratio of 4,294,967,296:1” , – write researchers from eight organizations in a joint report.


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