A huge city of an unknown civilization was found in China

(ORDO NEWS) — Archaeologists have found the most interesting structures in a prehistoric city in northern China. It will help to learn how an early civilization was formed along the Yellow River 4,000 years ago. Excavations are taking place in Qingshuihe County.

Sun Jinoxia, director of the Academy of Cultural Relics and Archeology of Inner Mongolia, explained a little more about the discovery.

A group of scientists managed to find complex fortification structures at the excavation site: surrounding ditches, underground tunnels and barricades. The defensive infrastructure consists of walls and bastions, and allowed firing at the enemy in different directions.

The area where the excavations are being carried out occupies 1.38 square kilometers. There used to be an entire city here, and today only the 4,000-year-old ruins of Simao in Shenmu, Shaanxi Province remain.

Special attention was drawn to the city gates, namely their design. Most likely, it was borrowed from other cultures, which indicates communication between different regions.

Perhaps it was a formed, previously unstudied civilization, due to the fact that the architecture of the city is too different from other cities known to science.

Researchers suggest that the find sheds light on the formation of civilization along the Yellow River. Most likely, it was a border crossing.

Such posts were everywhere. It could be one of the main passages connecting western and central China. And there was its own society with laws and principles that differed from others.

Pottery and jade were also found. They indicate the formation of a society with its own culture. Research into the study of a previously unknown civilization has only just begun.

But in the future, scientists hope to get more answers to the question: what was this society, what was the original order, culture and traditions.


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