A girl with a rare pathology was born in Israel

(ORDO NEWS) — A girl with a rare pathology was born in one of the Israeli clinics. Such a case in medicine occurs 1 time in 500,000 thousand.

Doctors found an embryo inside the newborn. Surgeons performed a removal operation, and now the girl’s life is not in danger.

Doctors say that the anomaly was noticed on an ultrasound scan, which the pregnant woman underwent in the late stages.

There was some formation inside the fruit, but it was not possible to identify it exactly at that time. At that time, the woman was under the close supervision of doctors.

The doctors noticed that the baby’s belly started to grow while still in the womb. But before she was born, there was no talk of any treatment. Only after she was born, it became possible to do any actions.

The baby was born full-term, all physical and medical parameters were normal, except for one thing – something continued to grow in her stomach.

The girl underwent ultrasound and X-ray. It turned out that inside her was an embryo and not just one.

The surgeons had no choice but to perform an operation to remove them from the child.

A team of leading Israeli specialists performed a complex operation on a small child. They removed two embryos from her stomach.

Experts say that the embryos were not fully formed, so they developed partially. Some bones and even a formed heart were noticed in one of them.

If it weren’t for modern medicine, the girl would have died at any moment. These embryos could die or cause other serious consequences.

Now mother and daughter are already at home. Soon the baby will fully recover from the operation and will be able to live like a normal child.


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