6G waves may cause an increase in the size of brain cells

(ORDO NEWS) — Irradiation with terahertz waves can lead to an increase in brain cells. This is reported by the South China Morning Post (SCMP).

Chinese scientists have described the effect of terahertz waves used in 6G on the brain. During the experiment, experts irradiated mouse neurons in a Petri dish with a power of 100 microwatts.

It turned out that low doses of terahertz radiation can increase the production and activity of certain proteins. They, in turn, stimulate the growth of neurons.

“The terahertz waves can directly bind to proteins and effectively resonate them non-linearly,” said lead researcher Li Xiaoli at SCMP.

Although the neurons remained healthy, the effects of the waves caused concern among experts. Terahertz radiation has made young mice smarter, but its effect on older mice has not been found.

Scientists have found that the effect of 6G should be further studied in order to warn of a potential danger.

The study also showed that the effect of radiation was not constant. Two days after the first irradiation, the growth rate slowed down significantly.


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