2 massive Jupiter-sized exoplanets discovered using TESS

(ORDO NEWS) — Using NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS), an international team of astronomers has discovered two new extrasolar planets.

The discovered alien worlds, designated TOI-5152 b and TOI-5153 b, are the size of Jupiter but are about three times as massive as the largest planet in the solar system.

TESS is conducting a study of about 200,000 of the brightest stars near the Sun in order to search for transiting exoplanets. It has identified more than 5,700 exoplanet candidates, of which 227 have been confirmed so far.

A team of astronomers led by Solen Ulmer-Moll from the Geneva Observatory in Switzerland recently confirmed the presence of two more TOI planets observed by TESS.

They report that transit signals have been identified in the light curves of two stars known as TOI-5152 and TOI-5153. The planetary nature of these signals was confirmed by subsequent observations.

TOI-5152 b has a radius of about 1.07 Jupiter radii and is about three times as massive as Jupiter. It orbits its parent star every 54.19. The equilibrium temperature of the planet was measured at 415°C.

The host of TOI-5152 is a G1-type star nearly twice the size of the Sun, located about 1200 light-years from Earth. Its age is estimated from 1.4 to 6.8 billion years.

The mass of TOI-5153 b is 3.26 Jupiter masses, and its radius is estimated to be 1.06 Jupiter radii. The orbital period of this exoplanet was 20.33 days.

Astronomers have calculated that the equilibrium temperature of TOI-5153 b is at 633°C. The parent star is about 40% larger than the Sun and is believed to be 5.4 billion years old. The distance to this planetary system is about 1,270 light years.

Thus, TOI-5152 b and TOI-5153 b are warm and massive alien worlds the size of Jupiter. Astronomers noted that they are both enriched in metals, and the content of heavy elements in them corresponds to the ratio of mass and metallicity of gas giants. Given that both planets orbit moderately bright stars.


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