1500-year-old lotus pillar bases found in northern China

(ORDO NEWS) — Three oversized stone pillar bases depicting 1,500-year-old lotuses were recently found by archaeologists in northern China‘s Hebei province.

The discovery was made by a group of archaeologists on the territory of Linzhang County, Handan City, the above province. In the period from III to VI centuries.

AD this area called Yecheng served as the capital of a number of states, including Eastern Wei, Northern Qi, etc.

The discovered foundations are of great scientific value for studying the design and layout of palace complexes, as well as the architectural technologies of that period, said Sun Tianshun, a member of the archaeological team.

The new discovery, he said, also serves as direct evidence of the influence of Buddhism on the development of ancient Chinese architecture.

If the more ancient foundations of the pillars are characterized by a uniform shape, then as Buddhism spread throughout the country in the 6th century, foundations with the image of lotuses, which are an important symbol in this religion, already appeared, he concluded.


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