• News HeadlinesGrief for a pet can be stronger than for a person and thats okay

    Grief for a pet can be stronger than for a person, and that’s okay

    (ORDO NEWS) — Many pet owners know that our emotional bonds with animals can be on par with those we share with other people, and scientific research supports this. The key components of human attachment are the perception of another person as a reliable source of comfort, the desire to find him in difficult times, the feeling of pleasure from his presence and longing for him in separation. Researchers have determined that this is also true of our relationship with…

  • News HeadlinesA woman with a huge mysterious pet scared the netizens

    A woman with a huge mysterious pet scared the netizens

    (ORDO NEWS) — In Florida (USA), a woman walked her pet on the street, but its huge size caused bewilderment in the networks: “Is it a dog or a wolf?”. The funny and shocking video caused controversy on social networks, where users tried to find out which animal the woman from Florida (USA) was walking. The record has raised doubts among netizens who cannot understand whether it is a dog or a wolf. In a video posted to TikTok, a…

  • News HeadlinesRare shark meat found in pet food

    Rare shark meat found in pet food

    (ORDO NEWS) — Singaporean biologists have found that pet food often contains shark meat and blubber, including rare species. However, their packaging does not say anything about it. Previously, researchers from the United States came to similar conclusions. As noted in an article for the journal Frontiers in Marine Science, mislabeling of seafood is a widespread problem that prevents consumers from choosing less environmentally friendly products. Many people are afraid of sharks. However, in reality, these fish themselves have more…