A woman with a huge mysterious pet scared the netizens

(ORDO NEWS) — In Florida (USA), a woman walked her pet on the street, but its huge size caused bewilderment in the networks: “Is it a dog or a wolf?”.

The funny and shocking video caused controversy on social networks, where users tried to find out which animal the woman from Florida (USA) was walking.

The record has raised doubts among netizens who cannot understand whether it is a dog or a wolf.

In a video posted to TikTok, a woman can be seen walking an impressive animal. After the mother and daughter captured her from the car, the publication caused a real stir in the networks.

The video, 10 seconds long, was recorded by a local resident, who, while driving a car, observed an unusual situation.

In the video, the voice of the video’s author, Laura Calvillo, is heard asking the children on board the car, “Is this a wolf or a dog? That’s great! Oh, the beast,” exclamations are heard.

Comments on the networks were not long in coming, and even some claim that this is an Irish wolfhound dog, which is large in size. Others, meanwhile, believe that it is a hyena or some kind of hybrid.

In any case, it is still unknown what breed the animal was that roamed Hardy County in Florida.


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