Under our feet is a huge ocean of water, experts have found

(ORDO NEWS) -- Deep below the Earth's surface is a huge reservoir of water. Geologists

Scientists discover powerful heat waves at the bottom of the ocean

(ORDO NEWS) -- In 2013, a monstrous offshore heatwave emerged off the coast of Alaska

A highly developed civilization settled at the bottom of the ocean millions of years ago

(ORDO NEWS) -- At one time, the American researcher A. Sanderson in his book "Biological

Obtained evidence of the existence of the ocean on the moon of Saturn

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An ocean appears to be hiding under the ice of Saturn’s small moon

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Mutant shells suggest what threatens ocean acidification and how it affects global warming

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Who will save the ocean from pollution? Scientists believe fate is in the hands of bilingual children

(ORDO NEWS) -- The researchers concluded that children from mixed language groups are more motivated

Lost in the ocean, a man ate ketchup for three weeks and survived

(ORDO NEWS) -- Lost in the ocean, a resident of the Dominican Republic survived for

Pluto probably has a subsurface ocean and is habitable

(ORDO NEWS) -- Pluto. One of the most amazing objects in the solar system, which

First large-scale ocean geoengineering experiment completed successfully

(ORDO NEWS) -- A large-scale experiment on changing the state of the climate and the