Neural network helped to estimate the total mass of all wild mammals on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- In terms of dry weight, the largest proportion of wild mammals on

OpenAI introduced the Point-E neural network, which creates 3D images from a text description

(ORDO NEWS) -- A group of researchers from San Francisco-based OpenAI has announced a machine

Technopunk-style AI : A mechanical neural network has been created that can learn and respond to changes

(ORDO NEWS) -- Computer neural networks are impressive in their results, but they require powerful

Neural network was taught to recognize the activity of the visual cortex of dogs

(ORDO NEWS) -- Special training prepared the dogs for long, quiet lying in the tomograph.

Neural network has created its own language that scientists cannot decipher

(ORDO NEWS) -- The DALLE-2 neural network, as it turned out, creates hints for itself,

Neural network has learned to predict the structure and function of any protein

(ORDO NEWS) -- Google has collaborated with the European Bioinformatics Institute to develop a deep

ETU “LETI” taught a neural network to identify areas of the forest affected by pest beetles

(ORDO NEWS) -- The development of an international scientific team, which included LETI scientists, in