The Lost Past: Neanderthals, Dolmens, and Giant Myths

(ORDO NEWS) -- At the southwestern tip of Eurasia lies the geological cul-de-sac known as

Neanderthals cooked crabs over 90,000 years ago

(ORDO NEWS) -- A team of scientists recently discovered that an ancient human ancestor known

Neanderthals hunted giant elephants in Germany

(ORDO NEWS) -- The discovery of prehistoric remains shows how the Neanderthals who lived in

Neanderthals preferred to hunt large steppe and tundra animals

(ORDO NEWS) -- French and Spanish anthropologists found that European Neanderthals preferred to hunt large

There are images of a comet, which was seen by Neanderthals

(ORDO NEWS) -- Austrian astrophotographer Michael Jäger took a series of stunning photographs of the

Hunting traditions of Neanderthals did not depend on climate change

(ORDO NEWS) -- The results of the new study contradict earlier ideas, according to which

Humans and Neanderthals have ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’

(ORDO NEWS) -- The key difference between man and other primates is his large developed

Extinction of the Neanderthals is associated with frequent mating with Homo sapiens

(ORDO NEWS) -- Employees of the London Museum of Natural History put forward their hypothesis

Neanderthals were killed by love, not war

(ORDO NEWS) -- When we imagine Neanderthal interactions with our early human ancestors, we usually