• News HeadlinesSneezing hamsters spark coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong

    Sneezing hamsters spark coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong

    (ORDO NEWS) — Chinese scientists have confirmed the ability of rodents to transmit the virus to humans. Pet hamsters have been cited as the cause of the coronavirus outbreak in Hong Kong. This follows from the data of a study published by the portalNature.com. Genomic analysis confirmed that the hamsters sold at the Little Boss pet store carried the delta strain. Because of them, there was an outbreak of infection: several employees became infected at once. While testing pets in…

  • News HeadlinesIs it possible to get COVID 19 from hamsters

    Is it possible to get COVID-19 from hamsters

    (ORDO NEWS) — Some time ago, information appeared on the network about the alleged infection of employees of a pet store in Hong Kong with a coronavirus after contact with hamsters. Margarita Provotorova, an expert epidemiologist of Rospotrebnadzor, spoke about how this is possible at all. According to the specialist, at the moment there is no exact information on how much the story of infection from hamsters is true. At the same time, the expert said that today there is…