• Top NewsAmazing discovery Physicists have discovered the brightest and most powerful light ever observed from the Sun

    NASA releases video of 600,000-mile-long ‘canyon of fire’ erupting from the sun on Halloween

    NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — NASA recently released awe-inspiring footage capturing a colossal ‘canyon of fire’ erupting from the sun on Halloween day. This extraordinary solar event was a massive explosion of radiation, measuring a staggering 6,200 miles in width and extending over a mind-boggling 62,000 miles in length. To put this into perspective, it was approximately twice the size of the entire United States, making it a celestial…

  • Sciencehalloween 2019

    Halloween 2020 is expected to have a full moon that hasn’t been seen since WWII

    (ORDO NEWS) — According to the astronomers, on October 31, right on Halloween, an event will occur that people can observe in almost every corner of the planet. We are talking about the full moon, which has not been repeated since the Second World War. All inhabitants of the planet will be able to watch the full moon on the approaching Halloween. Astronomer Geoffrey Hunt noted that this event last…