Halloween 2020 is expected to have a full moon that hasn’t been seen since WWII

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(ORDO NEWS) — According to the astronomers, on October 31, right on Halloween, an event will occur that people can observe in almost every corner of the planet. We are talking about the full moon, which has not been repeated since the Second World War.

All inhabitants of the planet will be able to watch the full moon on the approaching Halloween. Astronomer Geoffrey Hunt noted that this event last occurred in 1944. The Halloween Full Moon was repeated in 1955, but then it could not be seen in western North America and the western Pacific.

The approaching full moon will be clearly visible to people living in America (North and South), India, Europe, most parts of Asia, and Western Australia.

You will be able to observe the moon with the naked eye but to obtain beautiful photographs you will have to resort to using additional equipment. A smartphone is most likely not suitable for capturing the phenomenon: the pictures will turn out to be of poor quality. A telephoto lens is the best choice. With him, you will definitely not be able to preserve an event that does not happen as often as we would like.

A repetition of the phenomenon is expected in 2039. Astronomers noted that the full moon in 19 years can also be observed from all over the world. And this event will also be in October, but not on Halloween anymore.

The full moon on Halloween is also a rare coincidence. They will be able to enjoy it very soon.


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