NASA satellite found strange footprints in Greenland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Can human footprints be seen on Earth from space? Sometimes yes, even

Greenland really was green: Ancient DNA told about a rich ecosystem

(ORDO NEWS) -- DNA is a molecule that contains the genetic instructions. Biological information is

Two-million-year-old DNA fragments found in Greenland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark) have identified two million years

Ancient bones reveal how people survived in Greenland

(ORDO NEWS) -- Anthropologists from the University of Copenhagen have analyzed the DNA of bone

Greenland is melting

(ORDO NEWS) -- The European Space Agency (ESA) has shared new frightening footage from the

Greenland is melting : New footage from space published

(ORDO NEWS) -- The European Space Agency (ESA) has shared new frightening footage from the

For the first time on record, Greenland experienced extensive melting in September

(ORDO NEWS) -- It's more like July than September in Greenland right now. After a

Melting glaciers in Greenland are throwing out huge amounts of sand

(ORDO NEWS) -- Meltwater from the island's ice sheet contains the sand needed to make

Abnormal heat has accelerated the melting of the Greenland ice sheet

(ORDO NEWS) -- An unusually hot summer in the Northern Hemisphere has led to a

Destroyed glaciers in Greenland will recover only with a strong cooling on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) -- The journal Nature Communications published an article describing work done by scientists

Vikings of Greenland may have disappeared because they ran out of water

(ORDO NEWS) -- For more than 450 years, Norse settlers from Scandinavia have lived -