• News HeadlinesScientists have found that sport can change human genetics

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    (ORDO NEWS) — American scientists have studied the epigenetics of exercise. During the experiment, experts examined differences in gene expression using identical twins as an example. As part of the study, 70 pairs of twins were invited, the habits and characteristics of which the scientists carefully studied. The experts also determined the level of physical activity of the participants in the experiment. So, scientists came to the conclusion that the…

  • News HeadlinesMain reason for the domestication of cats is revealed

    Genetics helped to determine the time of domestication of cats

    (ORDO NEWS) — Whether humans domesticated the cat or whether it domesticated the human is still an open question. But when exactly the masterful purrs began to live next to a person, genetics helped to clarify: it turned out that our fragile union has been at least ten thousand years old. Different domestic animals began to live next to man at different times: first people domesticated dogs, then came the…

  • News HeadlinesSome children die for no apparent reason Genetics finally gives us the answers

    Some children die for no apparent reason. Genetics finally gives us the answers

    (ORDO NEWS) — The sudden and unexpected death of a child is a tragedy, compounded by the fact that it has absolutely no explanation. Every year in the US, hundreds of children die of undetermined causes, usually in their sleep or while resting. Because of the way deaths are investigated and certified, it’s hard to say how often this happens. According to some estimates, several hundred children between the ages…