• The Wire‘bubble-wrap’-approach-most-foremost-to-guard-biden-from-age-considerations,-some-democrats-admit

    ‘Bubble Wrap’ approach most foremost to guard Biden from age considerations, some Democrats admit

    President Biden may need a "Bubble Wrap" strategy to protect him for the rest of the 2024 campaign, some Democrats reportedly admitted on Sunday. New York Times chief White House correspondent Peter Baker reported on comments from "current and former administration officials" on the strategy to handle concerns over Biden’s age ahead of his 81st birthday.  Biden, currently the oldest person ever to serve as President of the United States,…

  • News HeadlinesChildhood dream scientists have created an endless soap bubble

    Childhood dream: scientists have created an endless “soap” bubble

    (ORDO NEWS) — French physicists have succeeded in creating “perpetual bubbles” from particles of plastic, glycerin and water, according to a new paper published in the journal Physical Review Fluids. The “oldest” such bubble lasted as long as 465 days. In 2020, physicists determined that the key ingredient for creating giant bubbles is the mixing of polymers with different thread lengths. The result is a soap film that can stretch…

  • News Headlinesgiant bubble around the Earth is the source of all the young stars in its vicinity

    Giant bubble around the Earth is the source of all the young stars in its vicinity

    (ORDO NEWS) — Earth is located inside a giant void about 1000 light-years across, surrounded by thousands of young stars – but how did these stars form? In a new paper, astronomers led by Catherine Zucker of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, USA, recreate the evolutionary history of our galactic neighborhood, demonstrating how a chain of events that began 14 million years ago led to the formation of a huge…