Childhood dream: scientists have created an endless “soap” bubble

(ORDO NEWS) — French physicists have succeeded in creating “perpetual bubbles” from particles of plastic, glycerin and water, according to a new paper published in the journal Physical Review Fluids. The “oldest” such bubble lasted as long as 465 days.

In 2020, physicists determined that the key ingredient for creating giant bubbles is the mixing of polymers with different thread lengths. The result is a soap film that can stretch thin enough to prevent the giant bubble from bursting.

Aymeric Roux of the University of Lille and his colleagues experimented with three different kinds of bubbles: standard soap bubbles, gas balloons made from water, and the same ones made from water but with glycerin added.

Standard soap bubbles, as expected, burst within about a minute. But Roux and colleagues found that the water-glycerin gas balloons lasted significantly longer, ranging from five weeks to 465 days, allowing the researchers to determine the optimal ratio of water and glycerin – the perfect recipe for long-lasting “soap” bubbles.


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