Material from the early solar system found in samples from asteroid Ryugu

(ORDO NEWS) -- Japanese scientists presented the results of the next stage of research on

On the asteroid Ryugu, scientists have discovered dust that is older than the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) -- A sample collected by the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft revealed dust that existed long

Asteroid Ryugu samples returned to Earth contain the oldest material ever found.

(ORDO NEWS) -- Samples from the asteroid Ryugu, which took six years to collect, will

Asteroid Ryugu may be the remnant of an extinct comet

(ORDO NEWS) -- Observations by the Japanese mission Hayabusa2 have led astronomers to doubt the

Asteroid Ryugu turned out to be one of the most ancient objects in the solar system

(ORDO NEWS) -- Trying to understand how the universe began, scientists have come close to

Planetologists examined the soil of the asteroid Ryugu and were surprised at its structure

(ORDO NEWS) -- Planetary scientists working with samples of the substance of the asteroid Ryugu,