• News HeadlinesNorways oldest 3 000 year old shoe recovered from melting glacier

    Norway’s oldest 3,000-year-old shoe recovered from melting glacier

    (ORDO NEWS) — A 3,000-year-old small Bronze Age leather shoe, owned by a woman or a young man, is recognized as the oldest shoe in Norway. It was discovered among thousands of other artifacts found among melting mountain glaciers over the past two decades. Now, however, climate change could put an end to all of these finds. Unlike objects recovered from acidic swampy soils or buried under giant glaciers, artifacts…

  • News HeadlinesShoe thrown into Swiss lake 5000 years ago

    Shoe thrown into Swiss lake 5,000 years ago

    (ORDO NEWS) — The holey shoe of a man who lived five thousand years ago was discovered by archaeologists at the bottom of Lake Greifensee in northern Switzerland in 2018. And for scientists, this is an incredibly valuable artifact. “An almost completely preserved boot, which is about five thousand years old, was found,” the message posted on the website of the cantonal government of Zurich said. “There have been less…