‘Meaningless’ repeats at the ends of chromosomes can encode harmful proteins

(ORDO NEWS) -- Telomeres - long identical repeats found at the ends of our chromosomes

Artificial intelligence has learned to create new proteins

(ORDO NEWS) -- For the first time, scientists have used artificial intelligence to generate completely

Deep machine learning uses the language of proteins to predict their properties

(ORDO NEWS) -- Deep learning models have proven themselves well when working with texts and

Scientists discover protein that may protect against schizophrenia

(ORDO NEWS) -- Experiments in mice have shown that malfunctioning of the SAP97 protein leads

RNA ‘heroes’ can disarm bad-actor proteins in leukemia

(ORDO NEWS) -- Scientists at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Metal-binding proteins will help to learn about the first stages of evolution

(ORDO NEWS) -- A new study has shown that different metal-binding proteins have similar regions

Biologists have examined the work of proteins that “repair” DNA in a living cell

(ORDO NEWS) -- Neural networks have helped to study DNA damage repair in unprecedented detail