• The Wiretexas-christian-college-will-improve-tuition,-meaning-it-charges-less-to-succor-harvard

    Texas Christian College will improve tuition, meaning it charges less to succor Harvard

    Undergraduates at Texas Christian University (TCU) will have to fork over more money to attend the private college than their peers at Havard University, following recent news of a tuition hike at the Fort Worth institution. TCU announced a 7.9% increase in undergraduate tuition beginning in the 2024-25 school year. The hike is the largest for the university in more than a decade.  Annual tuition at TCU will now cost…

  • WorldMeteorologists from Harvard named the worst year in the history of mankind

    The worst year in the history of humanity

    (ORDO NEWS) — 536 AD is the year that changed the course of human history. It was a year in which Europe, the Middle East and parts of Asia lived for 18 months in twilight. The sun shone like the moon, and the temperature dropped by 1.5-2.5 degrees, causing the coldest decade in the last 2.5 thousand years. This year was the cause of famine, plague and the fall of…