Factories started renting robots instead of hiring people

(ORDO NEWS) — Many factories today are experiencing an acute shortage of financial resources. That is why the decision was made instead of hiring people, renting robots. The reason for this is that business owners cannot raise wages.

Reported by the Daily Mail.

Of course, today not all factories can rent a sufficient number of robots for the enterprise to work fully. Nevertheless, a service has appeared on the market that is very popular. You can rent a robot literally for $ 10 per hour. Formic Technologies, in turn, is engaged in the production of special robots, which are then rented out to other enterprises and additionally offered technical support.

Polar Hardware Manufacturing, a Chicago-based company, managed to take advantage of the proposed benefits. They stamp metal and pay their employees over $ 20 per hour, so using robots is a great deal. Westec Plastics of Livermore, USA also saw robotic workflow as the right solution. Calculations suggested that in this way, in a year on labor force, you can save 60 thousand dollars for each rented robot. Company representatives said that one robot can work 24 hours, which is equal to three shifts and replace three employees at once. In addition, such “workers” do not constantly ask for wage supplements.

It is worth noting that in San Francisco at the beginning of this summer, the Clockwork startup presented its first development – a robot that paints nails in 10 minutes and requires only $ 8 for it, which is much cheaper than the services of a manicurist.


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