In Japan, 5G stations will allow remote charging of smartphones

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(ORDO NEWS) — Nikkei reports that Japanese telecommunications company SoftBank will soon begin testing technology that will allow cell towers to be used as wireless charging stations for wearable gadgets.

The proposed solution is being developed in partnership with specialists from Kyoto University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Information and Communication Technologies of Japan.

We are talking about installing special wireless energy transmitters on 5G base stations. SoftBank is currently upgrading approximately 200,000 4G towers to support 5G. In the future, such stations will be able to remotely recharge the gadgets of users who are just passing nearby.

Wireless charging power will be limited to 1 milliwatt to prevent negative effects on the human body. The range will initially be about 10 meters with subsequent expansion to 100 meters.

The batteries of smart watches, fitness trackers, headphones, etc. will be wirelessly recharged. In addition, the technology can be useful for working with implants and various electronic tags.

Now the use of such technology is prohibited in Japan to avoid possible interference with signals from communication systems. But the government will soon ease restrictions. SoftBank expects to bring the new solution to market in 2025.


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